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Recycling & Composting

6300 Wilshire complies with California mandate AB 341. The building employs Athens Services to manage the building's waste disposal.

Tenants are required to participate in a recycLA logo and sort waste within their suites according to Recyclables and Landfill. To find a list of what items fall into these categories, click here. Tenants will be provided with their first set of recycling bins at no cost. Recycling and landfill waste will be picked up nightly desk-side and in communal areas in the suite, such as a kitchen or a copy room.

For replacement of any damaged or lost bins, please contact Building Management and/or Tenants can purchase their own recycling bins.

The Building hosts two E-Waste Drives annually, generally in the month of April and September, to provide Tenants the opportunity to dispose of any electronics.

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